Major advantages to the suggested solution:


  1. The system is Modular according to the different departments and includes the required functions to manage a computerized Back-office.
  2. The system is a “general organization application” and its unique qualities are presented by the connections and information shared between the different factors of the organization, even though every factor operates only the module connected to their department.
    The entering of data at one section is automatically shown, according to the relevance of the data, in the other connected modules.
  3. The system supports procedures – supports mechanized procedures according to the activity’s character (reminders, data updates etc.)
  4. The application operates under Windows Environment (since 1998), well known, dis­tin­guished with all the different user demands and procedures.
  5. The system includes a wide authority module to define user authorities according to their position in the organization and the modules they are permitted to modify and activate.
  6. The application has been used for more than a decade in different organizations similar to yours (Yeda, Ramot, Yissum) and is a necessity for the function of organization.
  7. The application is dynamic and continuously developed. New modules and functions are being added, and every certain period a new version is being released to all our clients.
  8. The application is multi-users and based on the server using the technology Microsoft/ Unix/ Novel. The application can be used on the local Intranet and also used by a remote user using different technologies (CITRIX, Terminal Server).
  9. The development tool allows sharing certain modules from the application to the Web.
  10. The application is flexible to develop and to operate external interfaces to other applications and other databases (Microsoft office, SAP and other finance applications).
  11. The application may be installed gradually which allows the assimilation to be done step-by-step according the users requirements and rhythm.
  12. Tiku has wide experience and an extensive knowledge of the activities of organization in this field.


Basic application

The application covers a wide range of topics and is presented “as is” with all its components and interfaces. The system’s modules address most of the organizations activities, and even if all modules are not defined at the outset they will provide benefit in the future.


System’s scope and main modules:

  1. Marketing Module
    Managing bi-lingual records for companies, scientists, contact persons and the inter connections between them. The records contain telephone details, different addresses, connections, activities, specialization etc. There is an option to print labels, reports and conduct different queries.
  2. Patent Module
    Patent card management, patent attorneys, scientists, reminder dates (renewals etc.), commissions, license fees, financial data, connections, activities, priorities, sub-patents (submitted in different countries). There is an option to print many different reports  – reminders and follow-ups.
  3. Agreement Module
    Agreement card management, main contract paragraphs, scientific and finance reports follow-up, milestones and special activities, connected scientists and companies, links, activities.
  4. Activity Module
    iling Management, correspondence, status, connections of each activity to its file. Automatic interface to Word documents. Connection of each activity to its patent, agreement, card, technology etc. follow-up management.
  5. Technology / Project Module
    Management and follow-up of each project from its formation–.
    Interface of technology profile and all activities to a web site.
  6. Material Module
    materials Management and sale.
  7. Interfaces to Word and Excel
    The application produces various queries and reports that can be exported to Excel, Word and PDF documents.

The application is being used by several organizations. It is continuously updated and developed to adjust to users’ requirements and demands.